Your Gardening Angels

We were commissioned by Your Gardening Angels to create a simple, one page website to help them with lead generation for new clients.

This has been a great success and the business have been forced to close their books to new leads due to being inundated with enquiries.

Van livery - Your Gardening AnglesYGA - AMP version
Your Gardening Angels - Desktop viewYour Gardening Angels - Repeating pattern

Your Gardening Angels are a dedicated team of the female gardeners based in Sevenoaks, Kent. Part business, part social enterprise, the aim is to give women with school age children the chance to carry out rewarding work that fits in with the school timetable. The site had been instrumental in boosting their enquiries and has paid for itself several times over in the first year of operation.

To help with the lead gen we have also experimented with an AMP version of the site, to test the business lead potential of this increasingly popular Google technology for optimising content for mobile devices.

  • One page website
  • Clear design, simple proposition
  • Lead generation features
  • Strong focus on mobile optimisation

“Your Gardening Angels have seen so many enquiries from their website turn into customers, that they have been forced to turn work down. Simple, clear, and focussed, this site has achieved its objectives in the space of a few months.”

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