Public Sector Assurance

Public Sector Assurance provides inspiration to central government, local government and regulators of the positive benefits of policy areas conformity assessment.

This simple database of case studies and research helps highlight how these policies are being used around in various economies and business sectors.

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Despite the simple, clean layout Public Sector Assurance contains a wealth of useful case studies, research and supporting materials aimed at Public sector professionals around the world. Key to the simplicity was planning how data would be input by administrators and navigated / searched by end users.

Cross referencing many data points and providing an advanced fuzzy search engine, we have been able to provide a clear information resource that has been applauded by Public Sector professionals in numerous sectors and economies.

  • Optimised for mobile
  • User generated content
  • Advanced fuzzy searching of case study database
  • Has become respected industry resource

“The single goal of Public Sector Assurance was to be clear, concise resource for Public sector organisations to explore the benefits of accredited conformity assessment. This has been very effective and is now highly regarded by Public sector organisations around the world.”

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